Type of Room No. of Rooms Available No. of Rooms Lying Vacant
No. of Class rooms 27 rooms N/A
Science labs 3 rooms N/A
Maths Lab 1 room N/A
Computer Lab 1 room N/A
Resource Room for Primary 1 room N/A
Drawing Room 1 room N/A
Music Room 1 room N/A
Sports Room 1 room N/A
Work Experience Room 1 room N/A
Staff Room 1 room N/A
Examination Room cut (one for each shift) N/A
Principal Room 1 room N/A
Office 1 room N/A
Facilities for indoor / outdoor games Table Tennis,Chess ,Carrom board,yoga Basket Ball,Cricket, Volleyball & Foot Ball, Kho – Kho, Badminton N/A

Courts/Ground NO.
Basket-Ball Court/Ground 1
Volley-Ball Court/Ground 1
Kho – Kho 1
Badminton 1
Cricket 1
Football 1