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Welcome to Modern Academy International

Modern Academy International Kosi Kalan is one of the premier Institutions in India. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organisational skills and group dynamics. Apart from stressing on consistent and good academic performance, the School’s focus on all – round development encourages a vibrant interest in the curricular and co-curricular activities to bring out the latest talents in its students.

The persistence of the dedicated faculty in preserving the standards is manifest in its success.

To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education.

To initiate and promote experimentations and innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies like CBSE, NCERT, etc.

To develop the spirit of national integration and create a sense of “Indianness” among children.

 MAI envisions itself a world class organization in school education committed to continually empowering teachers to actualize inside out synergy in students and enable them to ful fill futuristic societal, national and global needs and aspirations.



Helpfull Teacher


Prof. Dr. Gopal Mitra

Founder Chairman

Children are the crops growing in the fields to yield the harvest on which the Nation has to sustain itself. The foundation of the nations future is built on them. They are the roots of the national tree which has to give the fruit of work, worship and wisdom to the next generation.The children have many miles to go and take the nation along with them to progress.

The Three Primarily persons responsible for moulding the future of the country are the ...The Father, The Mother & The Teacher. Of these Teachers play the most important role as they are specially trained and selected for the job they voluntarily take it up and therefore must carried out to the best of their ability,they are implicitly trusted by the child,the parents and the public alike and the trust must be repaid by honest service. Teachers should never cursed their pupils whatever the provocation, they must always bless them.if they Swear like boors they reduce themselves to the level of a boor. Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.

Meet the Team


Ravinder Kumar


Mrs. Ratna Mitra

Founder Director And Chairperson

Mr. Abhijoy Mitra

Founder Director

Mr. Debjoy Mitra

Founder Director

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