General Rules

General Rules

1. Every student is allotted a roll number. You are requested to quote this roll number in all your correspondence with the school.

2. All correspondence with the Principal should be addressed to him/ her by designation and not by name.

3. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign the progress report cards of their wards in the space provided for the same.

4. Parents/Guardians must make a note of the number of days their ward is absent from school as it is important for students to be maintain at least 80% attendance throughout the year, to qualify for promotion.

5. Examination results are issued at the end of each term and these date are notified through this dairy or through notice issued from time to time.

6. Parents/Guardians must notify the school office any change of address of the student's place of stay, and change of phone number for both security and administrative reasons.

7. Parents/Guardians must enure that wards do not carry any expensive personal belongings such as Mobile Phones, Cameras, expensive watches or fountain pens to school. Loss of any such item shall neither be the responsibility of the school nor the responsibility of the school nor the responsibility of any fellow student or employee of the school . The school authorities may, at its own discretion, confiscate any such item not permitted on the school premises with proper autho- rization.

8. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to meet their wards or their teacher during school hours without prior appointment.

9. Transfer certificate or school leaving certificates will be issued only after all dues to the school have been cleared.

10. Parents/Guardians are requested not to telephone the school on days when there is heavy rain, suspension of public transport or any other emergency involving a child, the school will make every effort to contact the parent at the earliest. However, in case this is not possible the school authorities will take appropriate measures without the permission of the parents.

11. Parents/Guardians are to note that their wards are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises or grounds during school hours. permission to do so may be granted by the Principal only in befitting cases against issue of 'Gate Pass'.

12. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school function. Students must be clean and neatly dressed everyday.

13. Moving between classrooms between periods must be done in silence and in an orderly manner.

14. Shouting or whistling is not allowed on the school premises.

15. Care must be taken of all school property and no student must deface, damage, scratch or spoil school desks, charts or school furniture. Any damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher.